Company Philosophy

Management Philosophy
Daiwasher Inc. supplies the society with not only superior quality spring washers but also our product technology. We contribute to preventing fastening elements such as screws, bolts and nuts from loosening or falling off for people to have safe and comfortable life.
We also aim for the ideal company which offers new products or technology in spring washers and, is thorough with environmentally friendly manufacturing operations.
Quality Policy
  1. 1. We build up trust relationships with Customers and develop our employees with enough knowledge and skill to satisfy Customers’ demand.
  2. 2. We make universal improvement to help Customers create competitive edge and valuable business opportunities.
  3. 3. We strive to make sure that “screw loosening” never occurs with Customers and we focus on the development and distribution of latest fastener technology.
  4. 4. We give utmost consideration to Customers and the environment and we are thorough with eco-friendly manufacturing operations.

Daiwasher Inc.
CEO Hiroshige Kose

A story about the first man who made “Spring Washer” in Japan.